HDPE Insulation Nail

HDPE Insulation Nail

Quick Details Products show: 10*160mm HDPE insulation nail Round cap 60mm Team: Display of products: Feature: 1,it’s made of high quality PE or nylon engineering plastics 2, Good weather resistance and aging resistance, at-40 ° c to + 70 degrees Celsius temperature and long-term stability 3,...

Product Details

Thermostat is a special engineering plastic expansion pin that fixes the thermos plate to the wall. The thermal insulation nail is a special Anchorage for external wall insulation. It is widely used in building decoration and Anchorage of Wall insulation house. It consists of a galvanized screw, a nylon tube and a fixed round piece. According to the thickness of the insulation layer, it is divided into a variety of specifications.

Quick Details


Products show:



10*160mm HDPE insulation nail


Round cap 60mm

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