Insulation Dowel

Insulation Dowel

This kind of nails can be widely used in floor heating industry, power plants, petrochemical external wall insulation engineering, architectural wall reinforcement, noise, the construction industry, dill diameter 8 or10.

Product Details

insulation dowel

It is used for fixing thermal insulation systems and articles up to 240 mm thickness to the surfaces of building envelopes.
Mounted directly to the supporting wall.
Sizes of 8 × 80 × 10 mm to 300 mm.

1. Material: PE in outer and iron nail insiade

2. Head diameter: 50mm

3. shank diameter: 8mm

4. Length: 120mm

5. Characteristic: Heat insulator  (Shooting nails)


TypeLength (mm)Drill diameterMin depth or drillMin anchor depthMax usable length


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