Wall External Thermal Insulation Plastic Cap Nail Anchor

Wall External Thermal Insulation Plastic Cap Nail Anchor

●Place of Origin: Liaoning, China (Mainland)
●Brand Name: SERS
●Material: Plastic(nylon)
●Diameter: 8mm 10mm
●Length: 100mm~160mm
●Color: white, grey or as customer's request
●Application: Rock wool, Foamed glass, cement Anchor

Product Details

Quick Details:

●Place of Origin: Liaoning, China (Mainland)

●Brand Name: SERS

●Material: Plastic(nylon)

●Diameter: 8mm 10mm

●Length: 100mm~160mm

●Color: white, grey or as customer's request

●Application: Rock wool, Foamed glass, cement Anchor




PE, Nylon

Cap diameter



8*102mm,8*122mm, 8*142mm,8*162mm



Carrying Capacity


Coefficient of thermal conductivity


Install Qty in XPS exterior wall thermal insulation

The average quantity is 6pcs/m2 in the 1 to 10 floor, 7pcs/m2 in 11 to 20 floor, 9 pcs/m2 in 21 to 26 floor


 wall external thermal insulation Plastic Cap Nail Anchor


1. When buildings’ external thermal insulation system need reinforcement , Red Cap insulation nails can be used

2. strong  wind or building wind tunnel and other important parts need fastened with Red Riding Cap insulation nails

3. High building and normal construction outer corner nodes need fastened with Red Cap insulation nails

4. XPS 



We use the best HDPE to ensure the purity of the insulation nails, the production is pure and strong.  

It  increases the nail bonding strength between the pipe and the wall, and changed the original appearance and mechanical properties of nylon Wick.

1,it’s made of high quality PE or nylon engineering plastics

2, Good weather resistance and aging resistance, at-40°c to + 70 degrees Celsius temperature and long-term stability

3, Shock-resistant, weather-resistance and fracture-resistant, stable and durable

4, Hammer knocked ,the construction is convenient, fast, economical, safe


Packaging & Shipping

500/1000pieces per carton

shipping:1. DHL or Fedex express

2. ship by sea, Tianjin port.


◆ Our Advantages


● Use Original material, not recycle material, strong, long life.

● Product meet with JG standard, not off-standard


Fast Delivery

● Custom Sample: 2-4 days

● DHL express: 3-2-5days

● Bulks ship by sea, 15-25days

● Bulks Production: 3-7days


Cost Effective

● We are factory, arrange production more effective.

● Our factory located in insulation material center in China.

● We continue investing to have high yield and technologies in production


Service and Support

● We work together with our customers to design products.

● Over 90% quotations and inquiries replied within 12 hours

● Offer available insulation system idea.

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