Plastic Wall Insulation Anchor

Plastic Wall Insulation Anchor

plastic wall insulation anchor Thermostat is a special engineering plastic expansion pin that fixes the thermos plate to the wall. The thermal insulation nail is a special Anchorage for external wall insulation. It is widely used in building decoration and Anchorage of Wall insulation house. It...

Product Details

plastic wall insulation anchor

1.The pin material:middle carbon steel
2.The plastic material:PA/PP/PE;
3.The length:50-200mm;
4.The head diameter:8-20mm;
5.Plastic nail tube diameter:8mm;
6.The application:insulation in building,construction in floor or wall,stability in the wall.
7.The feature:high temperture resistant,good tensile,high presure resistant,insulation.
8.Technique:largely automatic injection-molding machine to produce;
9.The color:white ,grey.
10.The specification:10x80,10x90,10x10010x120,10x140,10x160,10x180,10x200,10x220,8x80,8x100

Our main products as follows;

1. thermal insulation nail (A):10*160mm,10*180mm,10*200mm,10*250mm

2. thermal insulation nail (B):8*82mm,8*102mm,8*122mm,8*142mm

3. plastic insulation shooting nail”50mm/60mm/70mm/80mm/100mm

4. wall plug:6*30mm/8*40mm

5. 75-300g fiberglass mesh.


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