160g Best Quality External Wall Insulation Fiberglass Mesh

- Jul 08, 2018-

Basic Info

Features: Alkali-Resistant

Usage: Eifs, EPS, Stucco, Plaster, Bitumen

HS Code: 70195900, 70195900

Color: White

Weight: 160g/Sqm

Trademark: Bright

Specification: 4X4mm 5X5mm 4X5mm

Origin: China

1, Good chemical stability:Anti-alkali, anti-acid, antiwater, resistant to cement erosion, and resistance to other chemical corrosion. And has a  strong bond with resin , soluble in styrene and so on.
2, High strength, high modulus, light weight.
3, The size of good stability, stiffness, formation, not easy to shrink deformation, good positioning.
4, Good toughness. Shock resistance is better.
5, Anti-mildew, pest .
6, Fire, insulation, noise, insulation.



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