4X4mm External wall insulation mesh

- Oct 17, 2018-

External wall insulation mesh cloth is also known as alkali resistant glass fiber mesh cloth. It is based on alkali and non-alkali fiberglass fabric and is treated with alkali. It plays an important structural role in the insulation system and mainly prevents the formation of cracks. 

Due to its excellent acid resistance, alkali performance, and high tensile strength in latitude and longitude, The stress accepted by the external insulation system can be evenly dispersed. The deformation of the entire insulation structure caused by the collision of external forces is avoided. 

Therefore, the glass fiber mesh cloth has the effect of "soft steel bar".
Characteristic of this product: Glass fiber mesh cloth with mesh symmetry, flat surface. Cut the edges in order. It has the characteristics of alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, enhanced thermal insulation, cracking, moisture resistance, tensile resistance and corrosion resistance.
Glass fiber mesh size: grid spacing: 4X4mm .4 X4 .5 mm. 4X5mm. 5x5mm. 6X6mm. 8X8mm. 10 X10mm weight per square metre: 60g -- 165g

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