Advantages of exterior insulation technology

- Jun 06, 2019-

Advantages of exterior insulation technology

The advantages of external thermal insulation technology compared with the external thermal insulation of the external wall have the following advantages.

(1) Improve the service life of the main structure and reduce long-term maintenance costs. The external thermal insulation technology is adopted, because the thermal insulation layer is placed outside the building envelope structure, buffering the stress caused by the structural deformation caused by the temperature change, and reducing the erosion of the enclosure by harmful gases and ultraviolet rays in the air. Therefore, as long as the wall and roof insulation materials are properly selected, the external insulation can effectively prevent and reduce the temperature deformation of the wall and the roof.

(2) Reduce construction cost and increase the area of housing use.

(3) Basically eliminate the impact of “heat bridge”. “Thermal bridge” refers to the main channel for heat dissipation at the junction of internal and external walls, structural columns, frame beams, doors and windows.

(4) Improve the thermal performance of the wall. When the external thermal insulation is used, since the main structural material with high vapor permeability is inside the thermal insulation layer, as long as the selection of the thermal insulation material is appropriate, condensation does not generally occur inside the wall, so there is no need to provide a gas barrier layer.

(5) It is convenient to carry out renovation and renovation of the building. In interior decoration, the inner insulation layer is easily damaged, and external insulation can avoid this problem.

In the energy-saving renovation of old buildings, the biggest advantage of using external insulation is that there is no need for temporary relocation, which basically does not affect the normal life of users.

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