Alkali-Resistant Fiberglass Mesh usuage

- Aug 04, 2018-

Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh usages

  1. Glass fiber alkali resistant mesh is an indispensable structural material in the entire exterior insulation system. The alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh has the characteristics of high strength and good adhesion to prevent corrosion of building materials. It can effectively prevent wall cracking and improve pressure resistance.
  2. Roofing application
    Since the waterproof medium (asphalt) itself does not exert strength in the roofing and waterproofing system, the external force that changes in seasonal temperature inevitably cracks and leaks, and does not achieve the waterproof effect. Adding a waterproof membrane containing a glass fiber mesh or a composite carpet can enhance its wind resistance and tensile strength, allowing it to withstand various stress changes without cracking

  3. Suitable for stone reinforcement
    Cover the fiberglass mesh on the back of the marble or mosaic. With the gentleness of the fiberglass mesh, the stress in the construction and application of the stone is evenly dispersed, which plays a role of strengthening and protection.


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