Application direction of fiberglass nesh

- Jan 18, 2019-

Application direction of fiberglass nesh

Back wrapping Preparation. Before installation of the EPS. A strip of 9 1/2” wide RM 109 Reinforcing Mesh must be attached to the wall at all expected termination points of the EPS. This strip of mesh will later wrap the edge of the EPS.

General Preparation. The EPS board must be well adhered to the wall. Wait for at least 24 hours after installing the EPS. The EPS joints must be abutted tightly together. Fill gaps with EPS. The surface of the insulation must be rasped flush. Work out any irregularities at the board joints. Form straight outside corners. Clean all the insulation dust off the wall. Routed joints may be added.

Back wrapping. First embed all the Reinforcing Mesh that was attached to the wall before the EPS was installed. Completely coat the entire edge of the EPS with Base Coat. Trowel the standard mesh into the wet base coat. Make sure that the mesh is flat to the wall.  Feather the edge to a smooth transition. The 9 1/2” standard mesh can also be used in expansion joints. Apply so that it is overlapped at the joints by at least 2 1/2”.

Single Layer fiberglass Mesh Application. Apply a coat of Base Coat to the wall. Place the mesh into the wet base coat. Trowel flat applying even pressure. Trowel the mesh so the pattern and color of the mesh is not visible. Lap the edges of the fiberglass mesh at least 2 1/2 inches on all sides. Wait 24 hours before applying finish.

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