concrete and masonry anchor

- Jul 06, 2018-


Made of injection molded, thermoplastic-formula polyamide resins, the Nylon Nail-It Anchor is comprised of a shank and a steel pin expander. In addition to a series of circumferential ribs running for a portion of its length, the shank is split from the bottom up for a majority its length. The anchor body has a concentric cavity or bore, which runs through the head thickness and into the shank for a depth just beyond the point where the slit terminates in the body. The steel pin expander, made of properly heat treated, high carbon steel, is heavily plated with bright zinc and differs from a nail because of a specially designed thread it has a section of its shank and because it has a screwdriver slot in the head. It has maximum corrosion resistance. The specially designed threads and head on the expander pin lock the assembly.


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