Function and usage of fiberglass mesh

- Aug 12, 2018-

  1. Function and usage
    The fiberglass mesh is combined with a specially designed mesh surface treatment. It is widely used in the market and is mainly used in the construction industry. Its surface treatment is based on styrene and acrylic to ensure the alkali resistance of the product and improve the durability of mechanical properties.
    Good chemical stability: alkali resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, strong resin bonding, and easy to dissolve in styrene.
    High strength, high tension, light weight
    Strength retention rate is greater than 90%, elongation is less than 1%, and durability is more than 50 years
    Good dimensional stability, good stiffness, good smoothness, not easy to shrink and deform, good positioning performance
    Good impact resistance, not easy to break
    Fire, heat insulation, etc.
    2. Packaging:
    The product is manufactured in a form wound on a die, then packaged in plastic film and placed in a cardboard box

    FG Mesh 350a.jpg

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