Good Quality Concrete Reinforcing Fiberglass Mesh

- Jan 04, 2019-

Fiberglass mesh is on the basis of C-glass or E-glass fiberglass woven fabric, then coated with alkali-resistant liquid.
Fiberglass mesh is the ideal construction material for EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system), widely used for wall reinforcement, roof waterproof,reinforce cement, plastic, bitumen, plaster, marble, mosaic, etc. People also call it soft steel bar.

Stand Temputure500
Mesh Size2.5x2.5mm 3X3mm 4X4mm 5X5mm 10X10mm
ColorWhite blue orange green yellow red black
Alkali ContentAlkali free
Fiberglass Mesh Characteristic(1)High strength mesh
(2)Good cohesion
(3)Fire proof mesh
(5)Strong and flexible mesh

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