heat insulation special fiberglass mesh

- Oct 19, 2018-

The outer wall heat insulation special grid cloth is based on alkali or non-alkali glass fiber fabric, treated by alkali coating. The product has high price strength and good alkaline resistance. It plays an important role in the insulation system and mainly prevents cracks from arising. Due to its excellent performance of anti-acid, alkali and other chemical substances, as well as the high tensile strength of the latitude and longitude, the stress of the external insulation system can be evenly dispersed, and the entire insulation structure can be avoided due to the collision and extrusion of external impulse. Deformation, The thermal insulation layer has a high impulse strength, and is easy to construct and quality control, and plays a "soft steel bar" role in the thermal insulation system.
Form of preparation: woven and plain
Specification range: 80g/m2180g/m2
Materials: medium or non-alkali glass fiber bundles and alkali resistant coatings.
Weaving and characteristics: plain weave. The price of the product is good in strength, good in adhesion, excellent in service and positioning, and uniform in tolerance.
Uses: It is widely used in Wall enhancement, external wall insulation, roof waterproof, etc.. It can also be used in cement, plastic, asphalt, marble, Mosaic and other reinforced accessories, various waterproof cloth, wall special nets, is the construction industry. Ideal engineering materials.

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