high quality Nylon Hammer Drive Anchors

- Jul 06, 2018-

Nylon hammer drive anchors are a fastening system which consists of two parts: 

(1) a nylon piece similar in design to a blind rivet which has a cylindrical shank split on two sides, 180° apart, extending from the bottom of the shank up most of the distance to the head. The shank has several ribs extending completely around its circumference. Mushroom, pan and flat head styles are available;

 (2) a steel pin expander which passes through a concentric channel extending from an opening in the top of the head of the nylon piece down into the shank to a point just below the spot where the split ends below the head. The pin has a slot across the top of its head, a chiseled point similar to a nail, and threads on its own shank which helps to lock the anchor in place upon installation.


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