high quality plastic cap heat preservation nail

- Aug 02, 2018-

lnlet type thermal insulation nails, fast installation, excellent construction quality, in line with GB50411-2007 "Construction Energy Conservation Construction Quality Acceptance Standard" requirements. The construction process is simplified and the construction speed is greatly increased. The labor intensity of workers is greatly reduced, and the increase in the amount of construction per unit time is reduced, thus shortening the construction period and saving a lot of construction costs.
First, the installation process is simpler than the previous bolt type heat insulation nail. A comparison is made between the new technology and the old one.
Original process: adhesive insulation plate-mortar solidification-electric hammer punch-insert bolt expansion tube-screw into anchor bolt screw(up and down twice during hanging basket)
New process: adhesive insulation plate-insert bolt-hammer gun-mortar solidification(during the next hanging basket)
It can be seen that it saves the process of punching holes in the concrete, and uses a special nail tool to enter it while using mortar to hang the heat insulation board. This can not only make the mortar and the insulation board bond more firmly, avoid the danger of the insulation board falling off during the solidification of the mortar, but also bury a part of the insulation nail into the mortar, so that the installation is more firm and reasonable. More importantly, it saves time, physical strength, and power up and down the hanging basket, and also reduces the unsafe probability of the operation of the hanging basket.
Second, the installation speed of the penetration type external wall insulation nail is bolt type insulation.


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