Insufficient external wall insulation technology

- Jun 05, 2019-

Insufficient external wall insulation technology

(1) Domestic external thermal insulation construction is more difficult than foreign countries. This is because there are few people in China, the urban population has a high density of residence, and the residential building structure is dominated by multi-storey and high-rise buildings. The developed countries are mainly low-rise villas and a small number of multi-storey buildings, and rarely see a large number of domestic A high-rise residential building with a cast-in-place concrete shear wall structure. In this way, the domestic external wall insulation target is much larger than the single building area and height of the foreign building structure, and the construction difficulty is also greater.

(2) Some external thermal insulation products are not technically good. When the wind blows, the insulation layer is often blown off. The crack treatment of the outer insulation layer is difficult, which hinders the promotion of external insulation technology.

At present, the more mature external thermal insulation technology is mainly used; the external thermal insulation materials of the external thermal insulation are rock (mineral) cotton, glass wool board, polystyrene foam board (referred to as polystyrene board, EPS, XPS), ceramsite concrete. Composite polystyrene stone decorative insulation board, wire mesh frame sandwich wall board, etc.

The future exterior insulation technology will be more diverse, rich and colorful, using different insulation materials, different structures, different processes (manual, semi-industrial, industrial), and the Chinese economy is booming. The scale of the building is huge. Therefore, China's exterior insulation market will become the most extensive and dynamic exterior insulation market in the world.

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