insulation nail for wall construction

- May 06, 2019-

insulation nail for wall construction


insulation nail widely used For fastening of all insulation materials.


it has follow Features:

1.Best sale now and  very popular with customers

2.Denser insulation materials

3.Rough cast head provides a key for render

4.With high efficiency, low cost, anti-aging, anti-thermal shock, anti-corrosion, cold and  heat

5. High pressure, good tensile properties

6.Undeformed, moisture, slow vibration, noise absorption and sound insulation effection 

2: Advantage

1.Plastic nail reduces cold bridging compared with metal fixings
2.Quick and easy to install
3.Up to 5 times quicker than conventional methods
4.Time and cost savings for you
5.High quality and reasonable price


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