insulation shoot nail manufacturer

- Nov 16, 2018-

   Material: original PE or PP. plastic outside, steel nails inside
Length: 140mm
Diameter: 3.7mm
Thermal conductivity:0.03
Nail length: 42, 47, 52mm ect
The nails of diameter: 3.6mm or 3.3~3.6mm
operation temperature: 200
 breaking elongation: 90
Color: white and grey or as client’s design
 Diameter of table:5.0or 6.0cm
Wall thickness:1.3mm
Thermal conductivity:0.03
 Operation temperature:200

1. Breakthrough traditional of insulation shooting nails limited, Provides newsolution programme for insulation system of construction;
2. Tight speed 10 times above than traditional drilling and ancher way, construction speed 6-8grain per minute;
3. Avoid complex steps of drilling, tight directly. And no dust of drilling producing;
4. Without power supply,conveinent and practical;
5. Suit for sand-lime bricks,concrete and steel substrates;
6. Applicable to all kinds of insulation materials, such as glass wool, rock wool and so on;
7. The low heat conductivity doesnot sffect the insulation effection;
8. No presure for insulation board;
9. Application of insulation thickness 30-20mm.


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