New Shooting Insulation Nails

- Dec 14, 2018-

Insualtion Nails


This kind of nails can be widely used in floor heating industry, power plants, petrochemical external wall insulation engineering, architectural wall reinforcement, noise, the construction industry, dill diameter 8 or10. Available in different lengths fitting to the thickness of insulation board. We can make all kinds plug according to buyers demanding.



1. Material: PE in outer and iron nail insiade

2. Head diameter: 50mm

3. shank diameter: 8mm 

4. Length: 120mm  

5. Characteristic: Heat insulator  (Shooting nails)



TypeLength (mm)Drill diameterMin depth or drillMin anchor depthMax usable length
LHJ 8-80808904040
LHJ 8-909081004050
LHJ 8-10010081104060

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