Nylon expansion screws

- Apr 24, 2019-

Nylon expansion screws are ideal for use in building materials and can withstand temperatures from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius, resistant to rust, corrosion, aging and chemical influences. At the same time it is good at electrical insulation, tension and high pressure. The fish-shaped retaining anchor does not slide in the hole to securely connect.

Nylon expansion nails, also known as expanded plastic nails, are fiber or plastic pins that are used to attach a screw to a leached or fragile material or otherwise do not support the weight of the screw attached object. A nylon expansion screw is a fastener that secures a screw to a wall.

Advantages: good elasticity, tensile strength, impact resistance, no bursting, strong hardness, no rust, large elastic force, strong expansion force, can prevent the wall from sliding itself, beautiful and practical product, small volume, large load, wide application range, use Accurate and quick installation, improve work efficiency and installation quality.


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