Plastic Cap Heat Preservation Dowel Nail

- Aug 10, 2018-

Plastic Cap Heat Preservation Dowel Nail

Product introduction :

1.Material: palstic (pp) and steel(nail)


Fewer fixings - reduced labor

Reduced cold bridging

Dependable performance

Highly versatile in a wide range of construction materials

Fix with hammer 

Fixes into concrete and masonry with tiny pilot hole

Fixes directly into lightweight block without pre-drilling


3.Technique:insulation nails id made by largely automatic injection-molding machine to produce.


4:Use:The insulation nails can be widely used in floor heating industry, power plants, petrochemical external wall insulation engineering, architectural wall reinforcement, noise, the construction industry, dill diameter 8 or10. Available in different lengths fitting to the thickness of insulation board. We can make all kinds plug according to buyers demanding.


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