plastic insulation anchor nail for fixing

- Jan 15, 2019-

Insulation fastener with premounted nail for concrete and steel.
1.Features and Benefits:
-50mm head
-For denser insulation materials
-Rough cast head provides a key for render

-Plastic anchor reduces cold bridging compared with metal fixings
-Quick and easy to install
-Up to 5 times quicker than conventional methods
-Time and cost savings for you
For fastening of insulation materials on:
*High strength concrete
*Interior basement walls
*Basement ceilings
*Insulation behind curtain walls
*Moisture barriers/drainage plates
*Expansion joint material
Washer Size:50mm
Shank Length Range:20mm-200mm
Vrigin HDPE for the plastic anchor
Nail Material:Stainless Steel
Material Coating:Zinc plated

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