Points for attention in selecting building insulation materials

- Jun 11, 2019-

Grasping the energy-saving design of building construction, rationally using energy-saving design methods, and improving the effective utilization rate of energy will certainly drive the national and local building energy-saving undertakings and promote the progress of building energy-saving technologies in the whole society. Insulation materials should be used in the design of energy-efficient buildings. The purpose is to reduce heat loss in winter to maintain the required temperature in the room, to prevent the sun from radiating in summer, or to construct exterior walls and roofs in hot summer and warm winter areas. Stop the radiant heat of the sun. Refer to the following points for selecting good building insulation materials:

First, the temperature range

Generally, materials with a classification temperature lower than about 10-30 °C for long-term use temperature are selected. When selecting medium-temperature thermal insulation materials and high-temperature thermal insulation materials, materials with a classification temperature higher than the long-term use temperature of about 100-150 °C are generally selected.

second,Thermal insulation properties of materials

The thickness of the insulation layer in the insulation system often has a maximum. The thickness of the insulation required to use the selected insulation must be within the maximum. In some cases where the thickness of the insulation layer is required to be thinner, it is often necessary to select thermal insulation materials with good thermal insulation properties (such as: base insulation soft felt, nano-based insulation soft felt).

Thirdly,Environmental rating of materials

The environmental rating of the selected insulation material must meet the design requirements. In some export products, it is often necessary to use thermal insulation materials with very high environmental protection levels.

After the cost of the material determines the range of the material, the cost is calculated based on the material price, and the material with the best price/performance ratio is selected.

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