Super Plastic Anchors

- Aug 22, 2018-

Heavy Duty super plastic anchor. Winged sides for Maximum Holding power. "SERS" strong molded Polyethelene. Use in solid or hollow material. Collar prevents falling into hole. 

All kits contain an equal amount of Super Plastic Anchors/equal amount of Pan Head Combo screws or hex Head Combo screws.  Carbide tip masonry drill and 5/16 drill chuck optional.


  • 1.Tapered end for easier fitting in the drillhole

  • 2.Designed for expansion on the total surface and length of the Wallplug.

  • 3.External fins preventing rotation during tightening.

  • 4.Proprietory profile ensuring self-centering of the screw during fitting.

  • 5.Shields the screw along it's total length to provide protection against corrosion.

  • 6.Nylon Plugs offer high strength fixing even in aerated concrete.

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