The composition of the expansion bolt

- Jul 24, 2018-

The composition of the expansion bolt: consists of a countersunk bolt, a expansion tube, a flat washer, a spring washer and a hex nut.
Use of expansion bolts:
When using, firstly drill the corresponding size hole on the fixed body with the impact drill (hammer), then insert the bolt and the expansion tube into the hole, and tighten the nut to make the bolt, the expansion tube, the mounting part and the fixed body The expansion is integrated into one.
After tightening, it will expand. There is a big head at the end of the bolt. The outer sleeve of the bolt is a round tube slightly larger than the diameter of the bolt. There are several openings in the tail part. When the bolt is tightened, the tail of the big head is brought into the open tube. The tube is flushed to achieve the purpose of expansion, and then the bolt is fixed on the ground or the wall to achieve rooting.
The principle of expansion bolts:
The principle of the expansion bolt is to hit the expansion bolt into the hole on the ground or wall surface, and then tighten the nut on the expansion bolt with a wrench, the bolt goes out, and the outer metal sleeve does not move, so the big head under the bolt is put The metal sleeve is opened so that it fills the entire hole, at which point the expansion bolt will not be pulled out.

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