what is the Plastic Insulation anchor Pins?

- Feb 22, 2019-


plastic Insulation anchor pins is a special engineering plastic expansion nail that fixes the insulation board to the wall. Insulation nails are special anchors for exterior wall insulation, which are widely used in building decoration and anchoring of wall insulation houses. It consists of galvanized screws, nylon risers and fixed discs.


According to the thickness of the insulation layer, it is divided into various specifications:

The plastic insulation anchor pins consists of three parts: one is a sleeve made of nylon; the other is a galvanized steel screw in the plug sleeve; and the third is a nylon disc in front of the sleeve (for gland insulation board). Its length varies depending on the thickness of the insulation board.


plastic Insulation anchor pins are divided into: split insulation nails and Siamese insulation nails.


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