160g 1*50m 4*4 Fiberglass Mesh Screen

160g 1*50m 4*4 Fiberglass Mesh Screen

Fiberglass mesh screen , it is made of the C or E glass fiber yarn (main ingredient is a silicate, good chemical stability) through a special weaving technique, then coated by the anti-alkali and reinforcingagent and treated by high temperature heat finishing.

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160g 1*50m 4*4 fiberglass mesh screen

Fiberglass mesh screen , it is made of the C or E glass fiber yarn (main ingredient is a silicate, 

good chemical stability) through a special weaving technique, then coated by the anti-alkali and reinforcingagent and treated by high temperature heat finishing. 

Its ideal engineering material in construction and decoration industry!


1.10x10 mesh, 5x5 mesh, 5x4 mesh, 4x4 mesh, 3x3 mesh, 2.5x2.5 mesh and so on

2. Weight/sq.meter: 70g—160g 

3. Each roll length: 10m,20m,30m,50m—300m

4. Width: 1m

5. Color: White , blue, green, orange, yellow 




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