Fiberglass Mesh 4.5 Oz

Fiberglass Mesh 4.5 Oz

1.weight:130g/145g/160g 2.Mesh size:5*5mm/ 4*4mm 3.usuage: wall reinforcing material , reinforced cement products ,internal and external wall insulation.

Product Details

 fiberglass mesh 4.5 oz

Place of Origin:liaoning, China (Mainland)

Model Number:F160

Application:Wall Materials



Mesh Size:5mm*5mm

Weave Type:Twill Woven

Alkali Content:Medium

Logo printing:Available


fiberglass mesh feel quality:Soft and stiff

Alkali-resistant property:Excellent

fiberglass mesh tensile strength:Excellent


Fiber Glass Meshes are plaster meshes which are woven from fiber glass material.They are used for preventing the cracking of plaster. We meet the demands of the marble and mosaics industry with our products which are produced in various weights and sizes.
– Ankadex fiber glass meshes are woven from fiber glass for cement and plaster equipments.
– Ankadex fiber glass mesh is used to prevent the cracking of plaster and it is also used for liquid waterproof insulation We have meshes fit to epoxy and other constructipn chemicals which are suitable for isolation.
– Ankadex fiber glass mesh is produced as C-glass. For this reason, it has high tensile strength and its flexibility is elastic.
– The breaking elongation of our Ankadex fiber glass is max. 4%.
– Ankadex fiber glass mesh has alkaline resistance. If plaster mesh has no alkaline resistance, it dissolves, weakens, breaks over time.
– When Ankadex fiber glass mesh is waited in 5 % NaOH solution for 28 days ( i.e, in alkaline environment), it is seen that its breaking elongation will not be lower than 5% of the previous value.
– Ankadex fiber glass mesh has acid and alkaline resistance it cannot reserve any bacteria and fungi and cannot be corrupted。

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