145g/㎡ Fiberglass Mesh

- Aug 16, 2018-

Length: 50M Color: White Width: 1M Area: 50m2 

Grid Size: 4.5 mm x 5mm 

Grades: 145g/m2 Volume: 8kg 

Describe high quality, fiberglass reinforced mesh, coated with acrylic copolymer liquid, waterproof, alkali resistant. The network has the characteristics of high tensile strength, good dimensional stability, good elasticity and corrosion resistance. The network is ideal for construction, mainly used to reinforce concrete, cement, slats, rendering and plasterboards. It is an ideal enhancement of rendering, even when cracking can be seen and allows rendering of previously uneven masonry substrates. 

It is an excellent reinforcement material for internal and external insulation systems. This product is widely used for Wall reinforcement and cracking prevention. Characterized by a very stable, strong and cohesive high cracking base, specially designed to prevent wall cracking, very economical, non-scrap, light weight, easy to cut(does not require special equipment), convenient and cost-effective application, Products are widely used to strengthen insulation to prevent cracks in application using plasterboards and tile binders layout, it does not require a layer of mud bedding, and can prevent tearing and cracking.


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