Advantages Of 160g Fiberglass Mesh

- Sep 20, 2018-

Advantages of fiberglass mesh
1. Good alkali resistance
2. It has high elasticity and tensile strength
3. Good chemical stability, high strength and light weight
4. Good dimensional stability
5. Strong impact resistance
6. Pest control, fire prevention, heat preservation

B. Other features of fiberglass mesh use
1. Wall reinforcement
2. Reinforced concrete products
3. Interior and exterior insulation
4. Granite, marble, Mosaic, and other special mesh Posting network

C. Materials: glass fiber yarn has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, light weight, high strength, crack resistance, low elongation, high flexibility and good adaptability
It has surface and corrosion resistance
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Product advantage
We can provide a glass fiber net of 800 million to 10 million square meters for at least one month
We can offer at least 300,000 to 800,000 square meters of tape a month
1) the capacity is big
2) strict quality inspection
3) ex-factory price and excellent quality
4) quick delivery
5) efficient after-sales service


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