Advantages Of Angle Bead

- Jul 27, 2018-

Using external wall thermal insulation protect horn, without needing the foot plate, it can be constructed step by step, which can improve the construction efficiency by 2-5 times.The work which can only be finished by intermediate duster can be finished by primary duster after using this product. For example: ten months construction period, after using this product, can shorten the construction period for 2-3 months, which effectively reduce the construction cost, to be sure, as long as it's not strongly man-made destruction, when corner is used  normally, even if be sugjuected to certain impact also hard to destroy, the anti-impact force of corner can reach 100 kilograms above.

PVC insulation protection Angle solves the common quality problems such as non-straight, uneven, unbeautiful and easily damaged corners in the construction for a long time, accelerates the construction speed and improves the project quality.


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