Application Of Wall Insulation Nail

- Jun 25, 2018-

Widely used in building decoration, wall insulation house Anchorage aspect. It has anti-aging, anti-temperature change, anti-corrosion, cold and heat-resistant; High bearing capacity, high bearing pressure, good tensile performance; After loading, it is not easy to deform, prevent moisture, slow vibration, and good thermal insulation. The installation is simple and does not require special installation tools. The galvanized screw solves the corrosion problem very well, the durability is good, and the nylon material has low heat transfer performance. There is no cold bridge in winter, and the efficiency is energy-saving. According to the material and anchoring material of the outer wall, it is roughly divided into solid wall insulation nails, hollow brick special insulation nails, steel mesh special insulation nails and large mold built-in.

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