China(Shanghai) International Fire And Fire-retardant Building Materials Exhibition

- Jul 25, 2018-

China(Shanghai) International Fire and Fire-retardant Building Materials Exhibition Sixth(Shanghai) International Green Building Materials Production Equipment and Technology Exhibition China is in a period of rapid development in industrialization, urbanization and new rural development, and is promoting energy conservation in buildings. Accelerating the development of green buildings ushered in rare historical opportunities, simple and safe green buildings have gradually become the main theme of the market. The purpose is to promote the market-oriented use of building energy conservation, land conservation, water conservation, material conservation, and environmentally friendly building materials enterprises, and to set up sales, display, brand and technology promotion as a means. The China(Shanghai) Building Energy Conservation and New Building Materials Exhibition, which has created huge business opportunities for companies, has become the "Asian Green Building Materials Exhibition." In the past ten years, the exhibition has developed that green building is by no means a superposition of energy-saving building technology. It should be a systematic application of innovative energy-saving building materials. Green Jianbo will advocate green humanities, original low-carbon, and pursue a simple and harmonious architectural and residential concept.

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