Development Of External Wall Insulation In Foreign Countries

- Jun 05, 2019-

Development of external wall insulation in foreign countries

The external thermal insulation system is called the EIFS system abroad, that is, the external wall insulation and decoration system. It can provide excellent energy utilization efficiency, high design flexibility and creativity; it is a lightweight, environmentally friendly, non-load-bearing peripheral protective building wall system that integrates energy saving, heat preservation, sound insulation and decorative effects.

It was used in Germany after World War II and introduced to the United States 60 years later. After the worldwide oil crisis in 1973, it gained attention and began to use it on a large scale.

The successful application of various technologies for external thermal insulation in some developed countries in Europe and the United States has shown that as long as the materials are properly selected, the formula is reasonable, and the construction is strictly regulated, the application of the external wall insulation-decoration system in the field of building energy conservation is sufficiently safe. Line, reliability, economy and good social benefits.


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