Feature Of Plastic Fixing Anchor

- May 02, 2018-

Nylon Anchors are pre-assembled through fixing, a light duty nail expanding for solid masonry and hollow wall constructions. The design of the expansion nail used in the Nylon Anchor is such that it can be removed if need be. 

It has a small slot across the head of the nail to accommodate a small screwdriver blade, when turned anti-clockwise by the screwdriver the nail will be wound part way back out of the nylon sleeve. This enables a claw hammer to be hooked under the protruding head of the nail and pulled out of the nylon sleeve. Having withdrawn the expansion nail fully you can now pry out the nylon anchor body.


  • Nylon plug body for longer life and durability.

  • Simple Hammer setting with a hammer – no screw driver required.

  • Nail can be removed or loosened any time (cross-head in nail head).

  • Through-fixing, eliminating the need for marking and repositioning.

  • Good load capacities.

  • Optimum performance in terms of electric insulation, tensile strength and high pressure.

  • Anti rotation barbs prevent the anchor from rotating in the hole.

  • Nylon Sleeve reduces cold bridging compared with metal fixings and also assists in shear capacity.

  • Countersunk sleeve and screw allow a flush finish.

  • Largely resistant to chemical attack.

  • Withstands temperatures from -20oC to +60oC.

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