How To Install Fiberglass Insulation?

- May 17, 2018-

Fiberglass insulation mesh is simple to install, but it's not foolproof. Understanding how it works will help you avoid the very avoidable mistakes that could render all of your hot, sweaty, miserable work useless.

Installing fiberglass insulation in an attic may be a basic job, but the material itself is surprisingly sophisticated. "With glass fiber, you can control all its properties—thermal, chemical, and mechanical.When glass fibers are woven into a roll or batt, they trap millions of tiny, irregularly shaped air pockets. Air, being a gas, is a poor conductor of heat energy. These pockets work together to block the three forms of energy movement: conduction (energy moving through a solid), convection (energy moving through a gas or liquid), and radiation (energy movement in the form of a wave or particle, like light).


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