Insulation Anchor

- Aug 05, 2018-

SERS  insulation anchor consist of a polypropylene anchor with a huge loading plate and an expanding pin.

our anchor include galvanized metal-pin (+ plastic-caps in differend Colors).The plates have a diameter of 60 mm and prevent the formation of thermal bridges and condensation water. In additon, the plates are perforated to give a good grip for plaster. For this reason they are very well-suited for any applications in the thermal insulation composite system .

Insulation anchors are used for fastening insulation on cement and on solid and perforated brick.

For secure anchoring in the surface, we recommend pre-drilling (d = 8 mm) and blowing dust and dirt from the hole before the fasteners are placed and anchored by the expanding pin with a hammer.
To minimize the effort, the anchors are pre-assambled.


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