Insulation Nail Series

- Jul 28, 2018-

The innovative road of thermal insulation nail enterprises belongs to the hardware series, which covers a wide range of contents. The varieties of thermal insulation nails produced by my factory include the following series: 

1. Plastic thermal insulation nails contain ordinary plastic thermal insulation nails. The national standard plate plastic thermal insulation nails, split type thermal insulation nails, Cramming type heat retention nails, small yellow fish series, heat blocking bridge type heat preservation nails, nail gun for heat preservation nails, cement casting nails, plastic nails and plate seams plug ten series. Among them, the knotted heat-retaining nail can achieve a length of 180 mm. It is a species for the northern market. 

2. Aluminum Pin We produce aluminum thermal insulation nails as follows:

(1) Ordinary aluminum thermal insulation nails: bottom plate diameter of 3.8. Material for the bottom of the cans, aluminum pin diameter 1.4 mm, length of 1.6 mm. 

(2) Butterfly-grain aluminum thermos: The bottom plate is x-shaped four-channel, looks like a butterfly pattern, 13 holes, the bottom plate diameter is 25mm, and the aluminum nail diameter is 1.6 mm.

(3) Flat bottom


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