Insulation Supporting Pin With Plastic Red Cap

- Jul 02, 2018-

Insulation dowel with plastic cap insulation supporting pin with plastic red cap


The product is made of galvanized screw, nylon tube and round fixing sheet.

Application: Construction,heating project, wall insulation etc.

We can supply different different specifications according to the customer’s usages.


Common sizes:8×62,8×82,8×102,8×122, 8×132,8×142, 8x150, 8x160, 8x10, 8x180;8-450

10x60, 10x70,10x80,10x90, 10x100,10x110, 10x120,10x130, 10x140,1x150, 10x160,10x170,10x180.8-450.


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