Nylon Hammer Fixing

- May 30, 2018-

nylon hammer fixing. the fixing is expanded when the nail is driven in which holds by friction in the drill hole and is ideal for applications in damp conditions. quick and simple push-through installation reduces installation time. integral hammer-in stop prevents the fixing from spreading (jamming) prematurely during installation and thereby enables easy handling. screw nail with saw-tooth thread can be easily hammered-in and if required unscrewed. the cross drive recess enables loosening of the fixing for subsequent adjustment or demounting. 

suitable for: 

  • concrete.

  • natural stone with dense structure.

  • solid brick.

  • solid sand-lime brick.

  • aircrete.

  • solid panel made from gypsum.

  • vertical perforated brick.

  • perforated sand-lime brick.

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