Thermal Insulation Materials

- May 12, 2018-

Energy; Insulation materials

Insulation materials are very basic and important requirement in any industry dealing with various heat transfer unit operations. It is very important in dairy and food industry to maintain the temperature of chilled water and steam supply, store the products at low temperature either in cold storages or in tanks and transportation of the products at lower temperature. The basic aim of insulation is to retard the rate of heat flow in order to prevent/minimize the change of temperature of the system or the space. It has been reported that in dairy industry 50% of the energy is consumed in heating and cooling of milk . As dairy and food industry involves several unit operations, either at higher temperature or lower temperature as compared to ambient conditions of the air, the use of insulation materials in dairy and food industry is inevitable for the conservation of energy. There are several insulation materials available in the market having different insulating properties. It is very important to select right type of insulation material considering temperature of the system and mode of heat transfer involved. The selection of insulating material, deciding the thickness, correct method of performing the insulation of steam and chilled water pipelines, milk storage tanks, silos, bulk milk coolers, cold storages, etc. are some of the important considerations to achieve optimum results.

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