Wall Insulation Anchors

- Jun 14, 2018-

Drill a 10mm diameter hole, push anchor through the insulation and embed at least 30mm into base material. Drive in the glass-reinforced pin to provide a mechanical expansion connection. The 50mm diameter head features large perforations to provide a good key for external wall insulation render systems

This universal insulation anchor is available in lengths ranging from 70mm to 180mm long and is sold in boxes of 250 fixings at unbeatable prices.  Use;

70mm insulation fasteners for 20-40mm insulation panels
90mm insulation fasteners for 40-60mm insulation boards
110mm insulation anchors for 60-80mm insulation slabs
130mm insulation anchors for 80-100mm insulation slabs
150mm insulation fixings for 100-120mm insulation slabs
180mm insulation fixings for 120-150mm insulation boards


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