Plastic Fixing Anchor Concrete

Plastic Fixing Anchor Concrete

The Nylon Nail is a pin drive anchor with a body formed from engineered nylon and nails available in carbon and stainless steel.

Product Details

 Plastic Fixing Anchor concrete

1. Specifications:

  • Standard: ISO

  • Material: Plastic/PP

  • Head Type: Flat head, Cylinder Head 

  • Diameter: M6/M8,

  • Length: 20-140mm,

  • Colour: gray,white,green,yellow,red,

 2. Applications:

      Nylon nail anchors are installed by inserting the end of the nylon shank into a pre-drilled hole and hammering the head of the nail until it meets the head of the anchor body. Driving the nail through the body expands the split ends which allows the ribs to grip the wall of the prepared hole.They are also used in All kinds of timber including laths, frames, wall connection or render profiles, skirting boards, wall angles, cable ducts, cable and pipe clips, sheets etc.




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