Fischer Plastic Wall Plug

Fischer Plastic Wall Plug

Material: PP/NYLON Size:6*30mm/ 8*40mm / 10*50mm Feature: Elasticity, shock resisting, durable, light weight, easy installation, resistance to corrosion Usage:Nylon Plugs offer high strength fixing even in aerated concrete.

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Fischer Plastic Wall plug

Quick Details

Place of Origin:liaoning, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:SERS 

Type:Wall Anchor


Length:30/40/50mm, Standard, as required

Material, PE, NYLON, PP

Color: Grey, yellow, white, black

Nail anchor, wall anchor, drive anchor

Hammer hit anchor, nail with anchor

Plastic wall anchor used with screws or nails

Mostly in fixing object to wall or ceilings

Drill DIA:6/8/10mm, as required


Sample:free Provide

1) Plastic anchors are suit for installation of various industries, from injection molding, the product is appearance and practical;
2) Toothed belt wing structural design of the anchor bolt preventing the sliding of the tube-body when installed, and play a role of buckle;
3) Use of PE materials, good toughness, high hardness, load big, against shock, anti-corrosion, anti-aging;
4) Small volume, accurate and quick to install, improve work efficiency and install quality.

How to use: Put the Fischer Plastic Wall plug in the hole which supports it, Scored with the self-tapping screws to make it expansion, so the wall and the anchor compress the screw, making it safe and fasten to hang goods.

Usage: Can be used to install machines, electronics, hardware machinery, stairs, door and windows, railings, furniture and so on.



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