2.75X2.75mm 50g Alkali Resistant and Crack Resistant Fiberglass Mesh Is Used for Marble Plate Crack Resistant

2.75X2.75mm 50g Alkali Resistant and Crack Resistant Fiberglass Mesh Is Used for Marble Plate Crack Resistant

1.weight:130g/145g/160g 2.Mesh size:5*5mm/ 4*4mm 3.usuage: wall reinforcing material , reinforced cement products ,internal and external wall insulation.

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Alkali Resistant Fiberglass Mesh

Fiberglass mesh grid component 1.glass fiber woven fabric as substrate
  2.macromolecular anti emulsion coating
The adventage of fiberglass mesh  
  1. good alkali resistance
  2. flexibility and latitude to the high tensile strength
  3. good chemical stability, high strength, light weight
  4. good dimensional stability
  5. strong impact resistance
  6. pest control, fire protection, thermal insulation
  7. other features
Fiberglass mesh usage  
  1. wall reinforcing material
  2. reinforced cement products
  3. internal and external wall insulation
  4. granite, marble, mosaic special mesh back paste network
  5. waterproof cloth, asphalt roofing
  6. reinforcing materials of plastics, rubber products
  7. fire board
  8. the grinding wheel base
  9. highway pavement with geogrid
  10. building sealing tape 


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glass fiber reinforced cement mesh                          

Main characteristics

1.Good chemical stability

2.Outstanding process

3.Fiberglass yarn is supplied by Jushi Group

4.Strength retention rate > 90%, elongation <1%

5.Good dimensional stability, stiffness, smoothness

6.Good impact resistance and not easy to be teared

7.Fire resistant, thermal insulation, sound insulation, insulations etc.



1.130g / m2 or about: Widely used in indoor and outdoor walls

2. 145g/m2 or about: Used in the wall and be mixed in various materials

3. 160g / m2 or about: Used in insulator layer of reinforcement in the mortar

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Banking on the skills of our qualified team of professionals, we are involved in offering supreme quality array of 2.75X2.75mm 50g Alkali Resistant and Crack Resistant Fiberglass Mesh Is Used for Marble Plate Crack Resistant. Our company has an excellent sales team and professional service department. We have accumulated a wealth of experience and achieved a number of industry-leading technical results.
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